Name:                  Kachin Manao Festival
Place:                    Myitkyina (Kachin State)
Date:                     Jan, 2019
It is the festival of the Kachin people who live in northern part of Myanmar. They hold this festival to make offerings to the sprits they believe in. People in full costumes sing and dance in rhythmic steps around the decorated Manao Poles, shaking the swords and spears which are held in their hands.

Name:                  Ananda Pagoda Festival
Place:                    Ananda Temple (Bagan)
Date:                     Jan, 2019
Ananda Pagoda is one of the well-known temples in Bagan and its festival is held in January for 15 days. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from the neighbouring villages arrive here to participate in it. The local people sell their regional products during the festival period, making temporary stalls.

Name:                  Naga New Year Festival
Place:                    Sagaing Region
Date:                     Jan, 2019
Significant numbers of the Naga people live in the western Sagaing Region between the Indian borden and the Chindwin river. Naga New Year Fesitval takes place in mid-January. At the festival time, Naga men don their striking ceremonial headresses made of feathers, tufts of hair and cowrie shells.

Name:                  Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
Place:                    Mahamuni Temple (Mandalay)
Date:                     Feb, 2019
Mahamuni Temple stands in the southwest of the city of Mandalay. The 4m-high sitting image is believe to have been cast during the 1st century AD in Rakhing State, which was taken to Mandalay in 1784. Its Pagoda Festival is usually held in February and it is a well-known one nationwide.

Name:                  Pindaya Pagoda Festival
Plece:                    Pindaya Cave (Shan State)
Date:                     Mar, 2019
Pindaya is a natural limestone cave which is situated in southern Shan State. Inside the cave there are more than 8000 Buddha Images - made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick, lacquer and cement - which have been put there over the centuries. Pindaya Pagoda Festival takes place in March.

Name:                  Bawgyo Pagoda Festival
Place:                    Hsipaw (Shan State)
Date:                     Mar, 2019
About 8 km southwest of Hsipaw, off the Mandalay-Lashio road, is the Shan-style Bawgyo Pagoda which is of great significance to Shan people. Although it is a small pagoda, its festival is famous not only in the whole of Shan State but also throughout the length and breadth of the country.

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