Home 1Are you thinking about traveling? If you have decided to explore South East Asia, a visit to Myanmar (also known as Burma) should be your first priority.

Look at the map of Myanmar! It looks like a little kite flying in the sky. That itself is a sign that Myanmar is different from any other country you have ever seen in the world.

Home 2The land of Myanmar is a harmonious combination of natural beauties. The land is surrounded by mountain ranges in the east and the west, its long rivers are flowing from the north to the south and snow-capped mountain peaks can be seen in the northernmost part of the country. Virgin forests spread out around the central area of the country. In the delta region, the paddy fields stretch on all sides as far as the eye can see. Along the western and southern sides of the country there are wonderful beaches and beautiful islands, as well as natural lakes, caves and waterfalls contributing to the beauty of the country.

Home 3In Myanmar, there are eight main ethnic groups and they speak more than 100 dialects. About 85% of the country's population is Buddhists, and the teaching of Buddha has a great influence on the daily lives of Myanmar people. Buddhist temples and monasteries can be seen all over the country, including over 3800 temples in the world famous Bagan region alone.


Home 4Despite the contagion of human practices in these days of globalization, the own traditions and cultures of Myanmar people remain unspoiled. They still prefer to wear their traditional costumes, they are friendly and hospitable, tolerance and loving kindness are their charming characteristics.

When you pay a visit to Myanmar, the local people welcome you with a smile.

If you want to have communion with nature, a visit to Myanmar is a good idea!

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