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Bogyoke Aung San Museum
General Aung San was the National Hero of Myanmar. He led the country to gain independent from the British in 1948. He lived in this house with his family from 1945 to 1947.
Bagan Pagodas
Bagan was the royal capital of the First Myanmar Empire which flourished in Central Myanmar between 11 and 13 centuries AD. More than 3000 temples can still be seen there up to this day.
Singuttara Park
During the Buddha's life time, the great Shwedagon pagoda was built on a hill in this park with the eight strands of Buddha's hair which were obtained from Buddha by two trader brothers.
Boungdawgyoke Temple
It is modeled after the famous Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, India, which commemorates the spot where the Buddha attained Enlightenment. Its surrounding is lush and green with trees.
Ayeyawaddy River
Flowing from north to south through Myanmar, the Ayeyawady river is over 2100 km long. It is the most important commercial waterway and the lifeblood for the Myanamr people.
Indein Pagodas
In the 3rd century BC, India's Buddhist emperor, King Asoka, is said to have sent missionaries to this region. Indeins Pagodas are believe to have something to do with this event somehow.
Yangon City Hall
It was built by A. C. Martin & Co. in 1925 and completed in 1940. The building has been used as City Hall until the present day. In the 1970s, the National Library was housed here on the second floor.
Karawaik Barge
This floating structure replicates the mythological Karaweik bird. Myanmar kings and queens would traditionally have used it as royal barge on ceremonial occations in the olden days.
Buddhist University
There are many impressive Buddhist Universities in Myanmar where Theravada Buddhism flourishes. This university was founded by Venerable Sitagu Sayadaw Ashin Nyanissara.
Green Hill Valley
It is an elephant-care and reforestation programme. By participating in daily care for elephants, visitors can not only learn about the elephants but also can enjoy a unique experience.
Inle Lake
Situated about 900 m above sea level, the lake is surrounded by the high mountains on both sides. It has calm water dotted with patches of floating vegetation and busy fishing canoes.
Kuthodaw Pagoda
The complete teachings of Buddha are inscribed on 729 marble slabs, each of which is housed in its own small stupa. When first unveiled, it took 2400 monks six months to recite the text.
Kyaukkalat Monastery
A small monastery compound with leafy mango trees centers on a weird finger of rock that juts vertically in the middle of an artificial lake. The rock offers great views of the surrounding countryside.
Kyaikkhami Yele Temple
Along with 11 strands of Buddha's hair relics, the schrine chamber inside this temple is said to contain a Buddha Image that floated here on a raft from Sri Lanka in an ancient time.
Golden Rock
The small stupa stands on a massive gold-leafed boulder delicately balanced on the edge of a cliff at the top of Mount Kyaiktiyo which is situated about 1100 m above sea level.
Mandalay Moat
King Mindon, the penultimate king of Myanmar, ordered the construction of this imposing walled palace compound in 1857. The surrounding moat is 70 m wide and over 3 m deep.
Noviciation Ceremony
It is a religious ceremony and every Myanmar Buddhist male has to undergo. This ceremony is held to celebrate the Buddhist rite initiating a boy into the Buddha's religion.
Padaung Lady
Padaung means 'long neck' in the Shan anguage. Padaung ladies wear coils made from brass and gold alloy around their necks and legs. For them, it is a symbol of wealth, position and beauty.
Parasol Factory
In the manufacturing process of the parasol, various stages involves from making the bamboo spokes and handles to covering and painting the home-made paper canopy with pigments.
Maha Anhtookantha Temple
This temple is well-known for the giant sitting marble Buddha Image which was going to be offered in vain with 100,000 Yuan and taken to China from Mandalay by a Chinese Buddhist monk.
Chaukhtetgyi Buddha Image
In depicting the body positions of the Buddha, four basic postures are portrayed: standing, sitting, walking and relining. Chaukhtetgyi Reclining Buddha Image is the relaxing position.
Sagaing Hill View
Numerous white-and-gold stupas, monasteries and nunneries scatter on and around Sagaing Hill across the Ayeyarwady river. Sagaing's unique atmosphere is enthralling.
Shwe Ba Taung Cave
Named after Shwe Ba who made this religious site, Shwe Ba Taung Cave features unique pavillions cut from the surrounding sandstones and filled with old shrines and Buddha images.
Ruins in Indein
It is said that King Ashoka of India (304-232 BC) who was the monarch of the Mauryan Empire built 84000 stupas all over the world and that the original Indein stupa is one of them.
Shweyanpyay Monastery
Just outside Nyaung Shwe, this fascinating wooden monastery was built in the early 19th Century. The highly ornate mosaic pedestals and the Buddha images inside it are impressive.
Wourld War II Cemetery
It contains 3771 graves of Allied POWs who died building the 'Death Railway' in the Japanese period during the Second World War. It is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Win Sein Taw Ya
Measuring 180 metres in length, this Buddha Image is the largest of its kind in the world. Inside this huge figure, the concrete tableaux depicting scenes from the scriptures can be seen.
U Nar Auk Monastery
This great monastery is a good deed of U Nar Auk, the owner of 'The Burmese Steamship and Navigation Company', competed against the British-owned 'Irrawaddy Flotilla Company'.